Liesel Fricke
Medium and Channel

Liesel Fricke holds bachelor’s degrees in both physics and theatre. Years ago, the obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression that she had previously somewhat managed became severe and rendered her barely functional. By applying mindfulness techniques and skills that she learned from OCD therapy, as well as through deep prayer and internal surrender to the higher power within, she emerged from this dark night of the soul, and learned to open to and allow the energies of her higher self and Unity Consciousness to flow into and through her.

She understands firsthand the powerful mechanism of transformation that intense life challenges can initiate, and is actually immensely grateful for all the difficulties she faced in making the pre-birth choice to evolve through severe OCD and depression.

She now channels a collective of wise, loving, nonphysical beings who are in a state of Unity Consciousness, referred to as the Beings of Light, or BOL for short. It is her highest priority and desire to share the deep love and wisdom that they communicate, and to be of service in bringing greater amplifications of light and love into this world.

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