Bevin Niemann
Mentor for Spiritual Leaders, Co-Founder Empowered Sensitive Leaders Community

Bevin Niemann is a mentor for spiritual, holistic, creative entrepreneurs, who are not only creating businesses that heal, inspire and shift consciousness, but also creating lifestyles that nurture their sensitivities. If you’ve been asking, why am I here, how am I meant to serve? You’re on the right track. It’s time to pursue your soul mission, and embody your confident presence. 

Bevin is a co-founder of Empowered Sensitive Leaders, a freely open global community for those taking action to usher in a brighter future for our world. She's co-creating a sacred space to expand the capacity of our planetary grid of empaths, lightworkers, and conscious leaders. Bevin previously served as host for The Shift Network’s Evolved Empath Summit, which reached over 60,000 empaths from 105 countries. Her writing has been featured in Shift Catalyst, Thrive Global, Authority, Mind Body Spirit Network, Conscious Reminder, and Spiritual Biz magazines.

Mastering Your Energetic Field as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person


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